BioSci D145 – Winter 2018 - Reading list for presentations


Week 1 papers – Dear and Cook, 1993, Jiang et al, 2011 (Riann)


Week 2 papers – (1) Geisler et al., 1999 (2) Redon et al., 2006 (3)  Myers et al., 2000


Week 3 papers – (4) Iyer et al., 1999 (5) Venter et al., 2004, (6) Bentley et al., 2008


Week 4 papers – (7) RIKEN, 2005 (8) Kapranov et al., 2007 (9) Lindblad-Toh et al., 2011 


Week 5 – Midterm, no presentations


Week 6 papers – (10) Horak et al., 2002 (11) Chen et al., 2012 (12) Dewey et al., 2016


Week 7 papers – (13)  Seisenberger et al, 2012 (14)  Siklenka et al., 2015 (15) Donkin et al., 2016


Week 8 papers – (16) Gilbert et al., 2014 (17) Liu et al., 2018 (18) Luo et al., 2009


Week 9 papers – (19) Ito et al., 2001 (20) Dejardin and Kingston, 2009 (21) Gavin et al., 2002


Week 10 papers - (22) David et al., 2014 (23)  Breton et al., 2016 (24) Rampelli et al., 2015 

Specific references

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