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Postdoctoral Fellows

Raquel Chamorro Garcia images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes) Raquel Chamorro Garcia - Raquel received her B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, one of the top Universities in Spain. Raquel is working on understanding the epigenetic modifications that underly the effects of environmental obesogens on adipocyte differentiation and obesity. She joined the lab in March 2010.
Amanda Janesick
images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes)Amanda Janesick - Amanda received her PhD from UCI in September, 2013. She rejoined the lab in January 2014 after a hiatus to dance ballet professinally, extending her PhD studies on the role of RA signaling in primary neurogenesis and how the retinoic acid receptor promotes elongation of the body axis, in vivo. Amanda received the Ayala School Dean's Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research in 2015. 

images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes)Angela Moya Perez - Angela received her Ph.D. from the University of Valencia, Spain. She is a microbiome expert and is working to understand how the microbiome interacts with SXR loss of function to promote the development of lymphoma.
images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes) If you are interested in pursuing posdoctoral studies in our laboratory, please send a CV, statement of research interests and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Blumberg. A strong background in Genomics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology and/or nuclear receptor biology is required.

Graduate Students - Ph.D

Riann Egusquiza - Riann is a MCP student who joined the lab in July, 2014. She is working on the role of EDCs that inhibit the action of SXR on the development of lymphoma and leukemia.
Photo of Bassem Shoucri
images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes)Bassem Shoucri - Bassem is an MD-PhD student who joined the lab in July 2013. Bassem is working togethwer with Raquel on transgenerational inheritance of the effects of prenatal obesogen exposure, focusing on epigenetic effects of TBT exposure on miRNA expression. 
images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes) Positions may be available - If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in our laboratory, please see the links to the CMB or Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate programs on the UCI web site  and contact Dr. Blumberg directly. We are always interested in highly motivated graduate students.

Research Associates

Positions are occasionally available - please contact Dr. Blumberg directly. 

Undergraduate Research (BioSci 199) Students

Kristen Ampig - Kristen is a Dev-Cell major who joined the lab in April 2016 and works with Bruce and Amanda on characterising the role of RAR in mesoderm patterning and with Bruce to discover new obesogens.
Victor Hung - Victor is a BioSci major who joined the lab in Apri, 2016 and works with Bassem on understanding how mesenchumal stem cells become committed to the adipocyte lineage.
Xiao Liu - Xiao is a Developmental and Cell Biology major who joined the lab in June 2016 and is working together with Riann to understand how SXR loss-of-function promotes lymphomagenesis.
images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes) BioSci 199 positions are occasionally available during the academic year. Please contact Dr. Blumberg directly
and check the BioSci 199 website for more information.

Rotation Graduate Students 2016-2017

Lab Assistants

images/mailbox-2.gif (1062 bytes) positions are available - we are always interested in motivated work study students. Please contact Bruce (824-6873) to apply. Sorry, we are not currently hiring students who do not have workstudy money (a financial aid award).


Shuyi (Gin) Wang. Gin is a junior at Sage Hill High school, and works together with Riann on the SXR-cancer project.

Former Lab Members

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